Breaks: They Aren’t Just Nice They Are Needed

Take some time out from work or study to improve your life

Leap Focus
2 min readAug 31, 2021
Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Right now many of us are juggling with work, personal life, and the very uncertain times we are living in. We get so caught up in doing, doing, and doing, that we might find it, not only hard but unnecessary to take a break. However, truth is, unless we learn how to pause, relax our mind, maybe even move our body, we won’t be moving forwards for too long.

Taking a little pause to check your social media account, grab a snack or make a quick call to your best friend, is nice, but is not really the kind of breaks we mean. You need to fully disconnect your body and mind for a while to properly hit that ‘reset’ button that will help you improve your productivity, have better mental space, and get that energy boost that you need to keep moving forwards.

Spending some time of your day or week to really enjoy a replenishing break is not procrastinating, or shrinking away from your responsibilities, on the contrary, it is the responsible thing to do: taking care of yourself first, so you can then take care of your job, family, house, etc.

Chronic stress can be developed from long-term stressful jobs or toxic relationships, and it is not something to joke about. It can lead to health problems that go…