Pomodoro Technique: The method to help you focus and be more productive

What it is and how to use it

Leap Focus
2 min readMay 1, 2021


Photo by Alex Ghizila on Unsplash

Pomodoro technique — despite its hunger-inducing title — has nothing to do with Italian food or cooking. It is the perfect method to help you increase your productivity and to help you manage your time effectively. It is named after the Italian word for ‘tomato’ in reference to the tomato-shaped timer that you used to find in almost every house.

So how does it work?

Planning your tasks

Start by writing down a to-do list with all the specific tasks you need to accomplish today, or in the upcoming weeks.

Set The Timer

Once you have your tasks written down and clear in your head, you will set a timer for 25-minutes, and work on one of those items.

Why 25?

Is it a magic number?

No, it isn’t a magic number. However, setting work sessions that are long enough to make progress, but short enough for you to actually do them, is necessary. It is encouraged that you start using this tool with 25-minutes, but if you see you can go a little bit longer or you need it to be a little bit shorter you can modify it. What’s important is that you keep that time interval for all your sessions to get your brain used to concentrating for that amount of time.

Some people like to do this for 30–45 mins straight but if you are just starting out, 25 minutes might be best for you.

During this time make sure you are completely undistracted and only working on the planned tasks.

Take A Break

Once the timer goes off, you can take a small break of 5-minutes. This needs to be a proper break, not checking your emails, or reading over what you’ve done. Completely disconnect from the task at hand. Let your brain rest. Maybe go to the bathroom; maybe go for a snack.


After your break, get back to work setting the timer back. Continue this pattern of working for a bit and then taking a break. After a few sessions, take a longer break (10 to 15-minutes).

Whether you are a student, someone that works from home, or just someone that needs to improve their concentration, stop procrastinating, and better their time-management skills to meet deadlines this method is perfect for you.