The Power of 90-Day Goals: Why you should have them and how to set them

Get closer to achieving your dreams

Leap Focus
2 min readAug 18, 2021


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

We’ve all been eager to start on a new mission, a new goal, a new aim in life. We’ve all said ‘Monday, that’s when I’ll start and this time is for real’ and we might actually start on Monday, and keep it going for a couple of days even weeks, but soon enough our excitement and commitment dwindles until we are once again sitting at a couch remembering how we were so eager to go after that goal. And yet we are feeling sorry for ourselves and daydreaming about the day we accomplish our goals.

We’ve all been there and it is usually a mistake not on the goals we have but on how we set these goals. Setting the right goals in the right way is the first step to achieving them.

So how do we set goals properly?

There are many different ways of setting goals. However, here we will talk about the time frame we set ourselves to achieving our goals, which can either ignite a deep motivation in us or completely burn us out.

When the new year arrives most people set goals that will span throughout the year ‘I’ll work out every day for 365 days’ ‘this year I’ll read 50 books’, etc. They all sound good, look good, but since you are focusing on achieving them throughout the year, you might lose track of them. Lose your motivation for them and sooner or later you’ll be on New Year’s Eve once again thinking about all the things you didn’t do this year.

The 90-day goals: why and how?

90 days is just 3 months. Long enough to notice progress, short enough for you to measure the progress and be able to move on to your next goal once you’re done with this one.

To set this type of goal you have to first brainstorm about all the possible goals and aims you have in the different areas of your life. Once you have all of these ideas you will narrow it down to just those few ones you will have the time and energy to focus on for 3 months. Remember to be realistic and specific with your goals.

And there you go, for the next 90-days focus on only those few goals — could be just three, maybe five. Once the time is up, reassess, check the lists and move on to your next goals.

Remember that progress is not linear, and a little bit at a time is better than none at all.