What To Do If You Don’t Have Passion

Is not as disheartening as it may sound

Leap Focus
2 min readMay 25, 2021


Photo by William Bossen on Unsplash

You might struggle day-to-day, arriving home exhausted and thinking, ‘is this life?’.

Constantly wondering why your friends and family all seem to be happy with what they do. They have a passion you just seem to never find.

You’ve tried to find your big fancy passion and there isn’t any. So, what can you do?

First of all, you need to let go of the pressure you are putting yourself. Finding a passion is not like a fail/pass exam. And more importantly, there isn’t a single passion, there might be many.

You are probably expecting your passion to be something you are incredibly talented at, and that can make you rich and famous. And since you haven’t found that one thing you just go through life thinking you are a regular person, that just happens to have no passion.

Truth is, we are complex beings, and as such we don’t necessarily have one passion, nor is it unchanged throughout our life. For a few years of your life, you might have a passion for x and y, but in the next few years it might shift and you find yourself having new passions and things you are interested in. That is perfectly normal, and it does not mean something is wrong with you, it just means you are human. Just like the rest of us.

Finding the things that you are passionate about can help you decide on what things to invest more time in because doing them will fill not only your time, and maybe your pockets, but your spirit. A passion is not just a hobby you like or something you get paid well to do, a passion is one of those things that when you do you end up with more energy in the end. It’s something that makes you lose track of time. Something that invigorates you and truly makes you happy.

So, it’s fine if by now you haven’t found a passion, but make sure you are trying new things every day to find those things that you genuinely like. Take control of your life and make it something you truly enjoy, without caring about how that looks like.

And lastly, remember that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting a paycheck with whatever you find you have a passion for or is something that you don’t do for a living. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are dedicating some time out of your day to questioning and analysing yourself, when did you feel joyful and happy, when did you feel drained? Aim to do more of what made you happy, and a little less of what sucked your energy out of you, and slowly you’ll find more and more passions of yours.