Why Do You Need To Focus On Your Routine?

How to create a routine to achieve your goals

Leap Focus


Photo by Dex Ezekiel on Unsplash

We all want to be more productive, more efficient, and to be able to tick the things on our wish list, but not many people actually achieve their goals.

Why is that?

There are many reasons, of course. Not setting up the right goals, not breaking them down into measurable and realistic parts, lack of motivation, and so on. However, the lack of a routine seems to be quite high on the list.

The human brain is great at dealing with patterns and routines. It can get used to the specific effort very soon once it has been added to a routine. This is because our brains are evolutionary prepared to get good at the things they do a lot. It’s what allows us to be so adaptable. That we only change our physical and mental ways once we have realized that we need to do that one thing more than once in our life. Otherwise, we would be wasting a lot of energy, unnecessarily.

The added structure that a routine gives to your day, to your life, is the missing piece when it comes to actually achieving your goals. It’s the thing that will finally get you to pass the test, get the body, get the job, understand the subject, and more. Small, targeted efforts, every day. That’s all it takes.

But, how do you make a routine?

First of all, understand that the first few weeks of any routine will be the hardest. Is when your mind and body are still used to the other way of living you had and has to invest a lot of energy to get into your new routine. This is why when you start you have to make it so that you are starting with realistic and achievable tasks every day.

It’s easier to write 100 words every day for a week and then increase it by 100 every week than starting from the get-go with the plan of doing 1000 words per day, especially when all you have written before is 500 per week. Start small: help yourself, help yourself.

Once you have your realistic, achievable steps to follow, make it so that every day you do a little bit of it, of every week. This way you will actually start to develop the habit and soon enough it will become second nature.

And last but not least, for the first few days, weeks, use all your self-discipline. Give a reason strong enough to your goals so that you actually can move past the uneasy and effortful period of starting your habit.

There you go, now go make your routine, and achieve your goals!